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Nearly 10% of the people who have undergone knee replacement using the DePuy Attune knee replacement device have reported experiencing problems of one sort or another

Friday, December 22, 2017 - If you are a senior citizen age 55 or older and have experienced knee joint pain severe enough to warrant a visit to see an orthopedist, chances are high that you have been given the choice of having a total knee replacement. The Attune knee replacement is manufactured and marketed by DePuy Synthes, the medical unit of the Johnson & Johnson Company. The company has been marketing the Attune knee replacement system to the American public since 2010 and since then orthopedic surgeons in the United States alone have performed over 600,000 knee replacement procedures.

The market for knee replacements has skyrocketed in the last decade to over $6 billion per year, and at around $35,000 per patient, that figure represents a significant portion of the annual revenue that Johnson & Johnson earns. Johnson & Johnson is the second largest supplier of knee replacement systems with a market share of about 40%. Despite lawsuits alleging the early failure of the DePuy knee replacement system the company continues to advertise the product claiming it will last at least 15 years and that patients can expect to return to living a normal life in about one year. In addition, the company claims that the Attune knee replacement device is superior to competing brands and claims that their artificial knee will have improved stability and greater range of motion. Moreover, contrary to the company advertising that the Depuy Attune knee device would last at least 15 years, patients report problems in as little as six months. The problems that are reported are severe enough to require revision knee replacement surgery that carries with it potentially life-threatening complications. Johnson & Johnson was prompted to issue a voluntary recall of the device because of its propensity for failure.

Attune knee replacement device patients report instability, looseness, wobbling and an overall loss of strength in the knee joint that prevents them from having the confidence to do little more physical activity than walk with a cane or walker. Patients report that their Attune knee replacement device, "regularly gives out, locks up, clicks and clunks and is warmer (possibly infected) to the touch. Others have had their artificial knee joint slip, slide, or lock up and fall and have suffered the catastrophic consequences of falling and hitting their heads. Looseness and slipping in the knee joint is also a source of constant pain for some, pain greater than the original pain that prompted a doctor's visit to begin with, as the surrounding muscles, tendons, and ligaments are forced to do the job that normal human knee cartilage once did to hold the knee joint in place. Other knee replacement patients have developed infections from the oxidation of the product due to unsterile handling while being packaged at the factory. Still, others report that their infections are at the point where the device is glued or cemented to the tibia bone, having had a reaction to the chemicals in the bonding agent in the cement.

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