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Friday, September 22, 2017 - If you or a loved one has been harmed by the negligence of multinational pharmaceutical giant DePuy, and wish to pursue justice, you need to hire a law firm with the experience, capabilities and successful track record such as the national DePuy Attune knee replacement lawyers at The Onder Law Firm. DePuy issued a major hip recall in 2010 and DePuy knee replacement attorneys have experience in numerous recalls of defective medical devices.

Having won lawsuits in the hundreds of millions of dollars against pharmaceutical and medical device giant Johnson & Johnson, The Onder Law Firm offers their significant resources to those suffering the after effects of DePuy Knee replacement failure. If you suffer from early failure knee replacement failure requiring revision surgery or are experiencing infections and/or chronic pain, the DePuy Attune knee replacement attorneys at The Onder Law Firm will provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation case review. The firm operates on a case-by-case contingency basis and there is no legal fee unless we win and collect.

If you are suffering from infections, knee instability, chronic pain or other knee issues after receiving the DePuy Attune knee replacement, you may file a claim against DePuy and Johnson & Johnson for compensation of your medical expenses and rehabilitation, mental distress, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Unlike their faulty hip replacement recalls, DePuy has up to now failed to warn consumers of the infection, instability, and locking up risks of their knee replacement system and if the company's history is any indication, will only do so if economically or legally forced. Doctors continue to implant the knee system unfazed by the risks the faulty DePuy Attune knee system lawsuits are not only the best way to be compensated for your suffering but also can serve to alert other sufferers that they are not alone.

The Onder Law Firm is a St. Louis personal injury law firm and handles serious medical device failure claims for clients living in every state in America. Having successfully sued and collected hundreds of millions of dollars the firm is engaged in pharmaceutical and medical device litigation with companies such as Pradaxa, Lexapro and Yasmin/Yaz, Actos, DePuy, Risperdal, and others. The firm has represented plaintiffs in product liability lawsuits and been successful against DePuy hip replacement systems, which settled for $2.5 billion and Pradaxa internal bleeding, which settled for $650 million. In addition, the firm has won over $300 million in four separate talcum powder ovarian cancer lawsuits.

If you have been the victim of a defective DePuy knee replacement system and have suffered through a revision surgery, there is no reason not to consider making a claim against DePuy for the monetary damages they have caused you.

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No-Cost, No-Obligation DePuy Lawsuit Case Review If You or a Loved One Suffered from DePuy Knee Complications

Onder, Shelton, O'Leary & Peterson, LLC is a St. Louis personal injury law firm handling serious injury and death claims across the country. Its mission is the pursuit of justice, no matter how complex the case or strenuous the effort. Onder, Shelton, O'Leary & Peterson has represented clients throughout the United States in pharmaceutical and medical device litigation such as Pradaxa, Lexapro and Yasmin/Yaz, where the firm's attorneys held significant leadership roles in the litigation, as well as Actos, DePuy, Risperdal and others. The Onder Law Firm won $197 million in three talcum powder ovarian cancer lawsuits in St. Louis in 2016 and other law firms throughout the nation often seek its experience and expertise on complex litigation.