People Describe Their Attune Knee Replacement Ordeals

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Patients have taken to social media to elaborate their displeasure with the DePuy Attune knee replacement device

Friday, December 8, 2017 - A person doesn't have to be an athlete to put stress on their knee joints. Simply standing up, getting into and out of a car, walking, climbing stairs, and squatting are everyday activities that increase the load on the knee. Imagine the pain of your knee locking, buckling and bending in the opposite direction to that it was intended, and tendons, cartilages, and ligaments stretching, tearing and snapping. Artificial knee failures can cause a person to fall down stairs or fall and hit one's head and could lead to brain damage, paralysis or death. Some recipients of the DePuy knee replacement device report catastrophic failure within one year, and sometimes within mere months of receiving the DePuy Attune artificial knee. When this happens, there are few options other than to have revision knee surgery to repair or replace the device. It only takes one time for an artificial knee to lock and buckle for a person to never trust it again and patients live in constant fear that they could fall and be killed while performing routine activities. Such concerns have been documented on social media websites Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook and Twitter posts claim that it is not uncommon for the cement that holds the Attune knee replacement device to the tibia bone below the knee joint to fail. A man recently wrote, "the tibial component & cement did not take leading to pain and that a bone scan revealed that a total revision was necessary. Stabilizers were inserted top and bottom. Pain persists to this day." People have also written about experiencing allergic reactions to the chemicals used in the cement. A dermatologist warned that some people may be allergic to certain plastics, metals, and chemicals used in the device. A person wrote of experiencing, "itchy, oozing, and all-over body rash that prevented her from being able to wash her body or wear clothes comfortably. Some otherwise healthy, full-grown men have been reduced to tears by the constant, persistent pain in the knee area surrounding their Attune knee replacement device and cannot even stand up or get out of bed. Another wrote of experiencing more than triple the pain as before having the DePuy Attune Knee replacement installed, so much pain as to require a second revision surgery. Others have written that they have been unable to return to work, lost their jobs, their retirement savings and their health insurance.

Knee Replacement System Malfunctions

There are signs that a knee replacement patient should look for that could indicate that their recovery from surgery is not proceeding normally. If a person feels numbness around the knee it could be a sign of nerve damage. Swelling and redness around the knee that does not subside but continues to worsen could be an indication of an infection. If walking produces pain with a feeling of looseness at the knee joint there could be a knee replacement device malfunction as simple as a small broken part. The device should not make noise so if a click is heard there is something wrong with the device. If any of these symptoms persist see a doctor immediately as you may be a candidate for revision surgery.

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