DePuy Knee Lawsuit News

DePuy Knee Lawsuit News

Information and News About DePuy Knee Lawsuits

Knee Replacement Surgery Carries Incredible Risks | 7/29/2019

Most knee replacement patients will not get an optimal outcome from major surgery...READ MORE

Senior Women May Need 25 Percent Fewer Knee Replacement Surgeries If They Take This Drug | 7/22/2019

Bisphosphonates improve bone health in senior women and could lessen osteoarthritis, the main cause of knee pain...READ MORE

Cemented Knee Replacement Devices Fail at a Higher Rate in Obese Patients | 7/2/2019

Obesity not osteoarthritis should be considered more carefully before a doctor recommends total knee replacement...READ MORE

Senior Citizens Can Treat an Arthritic Knee By Eating Properly | 6/10/2019

The best way to cure arthritic knee pain is through a plant-based diet and losing weight. Even DePuy Synthes, manufacturer of the DePuy Knee Replacement System, point out that a person's weight should be taken into consideration before agreeing to a knee replacement...READ MORE

Too Many Are Opting For Knee Replacements Too Early In Life | 6/4/2019

Knee replacement experts In Europe recommend total knee replacement patients may be better off simply living with the pain...READ MORE

Knee Replacement Patients Need Honest Objective Advice | 5/28/2019

The DePuy knee replacement website reads more like a late night infomercial than an honest and objective assessment of an artificial knee...READ MORE

Knee Replacement Surgery Makes Little Sense | 5/22/2019

Age and weight should determine who qualifies for knee replacement surgery...READ MORE

Senior Knee Replacement Patients Are Peddling To a Healthier and Longer Life | 5/9/2019

Stationary exercise pedals have hit the market and can help senior citizens recover more quickly from knee replacement surgery...READ MORE

It Is Recommended That Osteoarthritis Patients Try The Mediterranean Diet Before Rushing Into Knee Replacement Surgery | 4/30/2019

Patients are rejecting dangerous and expensive knee replacement surgery and opting to alleviate their knee pain by improving their diets...READ MORE

DePuy Knee Replacement Doctors May Be Failing To Follow The Written Product Warnings | 4/23/2019

The majority of knee replacement patients are senior citizens and overweight, the exact ones that should not be having knee replacements...READ MORE

Study Finds Plain Cement As Effective As Antibiotic-loaded in Limiting Knee Replacement Surgeries | 4/16/2019

Infections occurring at the point where the artificial knee device attaches to the tibia and femur is the leading cause of knee replacement failure...READ MORE

Several More Lifestyle Changes To Help Alleviate Osteoarthritis Knee Pain | 4/10/2019

Knee replacement is a billion-dollar business and asking for objective advice from a doctor may be like asking a barber if you need a haircut...READ MORE

Holistic Herbs And Supplements Can Help Reduce Arthritis Knee Pain | 4/1/2019

Here are some ideas from the Arthritis Foundation on how to alleviate arthritis knee pain short of having it amputated and replaced with a mechanical device...READ MORE

Cobalt Poisoning From a Hip or Knee Replacement Could Drive One to Suicide | 3/28/2019

Replacement knee and hip joints wear out and produce debris that can enter the bloodstream and make a person very sick...READ MORE

Artificial Knee Joint Infections Require Painful and Debilitating Revision Surgery | 3/26/2019

Infections continue to be the leading cause of knee replacement device failure and are seldom anticipated by patients who blindly take their doctor's advice...READ MORE

DePuy Knee Replacement Requires Artifical Spacers Packed With Antibiotics | 3/9/2019

Infections involving artificial knee cement can require a patient to undergo revision surgery...READ MORE

Total Knee Replacement Devices May Last But Patients Are Dissatisfied With The Result | 3/5/2019

Just because the mechanical device lasts over a decade does not mean that a patient would have the procedure again if given the choice...READ MORE

Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy Offers an Alternative to Knee Replacement Surgery | 3/1/2019

Total knee replacement is permanent and should be treated as a last resort, not the "go to" solution most orthopedic surgeons think it is...READ MORE

Clinical Trials For Treating Knee Osteoarthritis Are Underway | 2/25/2019

Researchers are optimistic that clinical trials currently underway could lead to an alternative form of therapy for osteoarthritis knee pain sufferers...READ MORE

Knee Replacement Patient Dissatisfaction May Be As High as 20% | 2/19/2019

Honestly defining knee replacement success early on is the key to managing knee replacement expectations...READ MORE

The New and Improved DePuy Revision Knee Replacement Device May Lead to More Bonding Failures and Tibia and Femur Fractures | 2/13/2019

Strengthening the artificial knee joint transfers the stress from the joint to the knee joint glue, and then to the bones to which it is attached...READ MORE

DePuy Knee and Hip Failures Are Similar and Lead to Class Action Lawsuits | 2/8/2019

DePuy and Johnson & Johnson face multi-million dollar class action lawsuits over their failed joint replacement devices...READ MORE

DePuy Knee Glue Failure Prompts Lawsuits | 2/6/2019

De-bonding due to infection is the leading cause of needing knee revision surgery...READ MORE

Knee Replacement Failure is Starting To Get The Attention It Deserves | 1/30/2019

With nearly 1 million knee replacements performed, and the annual number increasing exponentially, knee replacement complications have caught the attention of medical journalists...READ MORE

Gene Therapy Could Treat Osteoarthritis And Eliminate The Need For Knee Replacement Surgery | 1/28/2019

Researchers feel that a breakthrough has been made in treating osteoarthritis with gene therapy and human clinical trials can now proceed...READ MORE

Orthopedic Surgeons Recommend Knee Replacements When a Little Exercise May Be All That is Needed | 1/22/2019

There is only one answer a senior citizen will get if the ask a knee surgeon if they need knee replacement surgery...READ MORE

Artificial Knee Manufacturers Battle With Patient Knee Infections | 1/17/2019

Preloaded antibiotic knee cement may decrease the number of infections but increase the need for revision knee replacement surgeries...READ MORE

Knee Replacement Infections May Necessitate Amputation | 1/14/2019

Total knee replacement candidates should know the complications of knee replacement surgery include leg amputation...READ MORE

Overweight Knee Replacement Candidates Should Consider Other Options | 1/9/2019

Being obese or becoming obese can have catastrophic negative effects on a patient's knee replacement experience...READ MORE

The DePuy Revision Knee Can Come Unglued Just as Easily as the Original Device | 1/7/2019

No amount of redesign can make a surgeon better at affixing the artificial knee device to an unlimited range of patient bone conditions ...READ MORE

DePuy Knee Replacement Can Be Complicated by Osteoporosis | 1/3/2019

If you are a senior citizen experiencing knee pain chances are that your orthopedic physician has recommended that you consider a total knee replacement...READ MORE

Knee Replacement Patient Should Lower Their Expectations | 12/18/2018

Knee replacement patient need to ignore the high hopes of their doctors when contemplating knee replacement surgery...READ MORE

Medical Device Sales Representatives Are Present In Knee Replacement Operating Rooms | 12/13/2018

Are medical device sales representatives abusing their relationships with surgeons or are they providing an invaluable service?...READ MORE

Knee Pain Patients Are Urged To Investigate Stem Cell Therapy Before Agreeing To Knee Replacement Surgery | 12/10/2018

Knee replacement surgery is dangerous, expensive and has questionable benefits for seniors suffering from osteoarthritis...READ MORE

The Risk of Infection May Outweigh the Benefits of the DePuy Knee Replacement Device | 11/29/2018

Infections at the point of contact between the bone and the DePuy knee replacement device are on the rise...READ MORE

The FDA Failed to Adequately Test The DePuy Knee Replacement Device | 11/26/2018

Medical Devices like the DePuy Knee replacement may not have made it to the market had it not been for an FDA loophole called the 510 (k) fast-track approval process...READ MORE

DePuy Knee Patients Should Know When Enough is Enough | 11/9/2018

At what point in a patient's knee replacement surgery recovery does one finally admit that there is a serious problem?...READ MORE

Senior Citizens Should Seek a Second Opinion for a Doctors Knee Replacement Advice | 11/2/2018

Getting a total knee replacement is an extreme and often unnecessary way to address arthritic pain...READ MORE

Senior Citizens With Osteoporosis May Want To Avoid Knee Replacement | 10/30/2018

Senior citizens should be made aware of the painful consequences of a failed knee replacement device and the need for revision surgery...READ MORE

DePuy Synthes Addressed the Failed DePuy Knee Due to Infections | 10/29/2018

Problems with debonding and infections that require revision surgery are the leading reasons DePuy knee patients consult with knee replacement attorneys...READ MORE

Knee Replacement Market Estimated to Reach $10 billion Annually by 2024 | 10/24/2018

As long as there is money to be made manufacturing artificial knees, DePuy and Johnson & Johnson will continue to upgrade and improve the DePuy line of knee replacement devices...READ MORE

DePuy Targets Older Senior Citizens With The Revision Knee | 10/18/2018

More than half a million senior citizens have undergone total knee replacement surgery in recent years to attempt to alleviate their arthritic knee pain...READ MORE

Failed Knee Replacements Can Lead to Leg Amputation | 10/12/2018

DePuy Knee replacement device failure can result in years and years of pain requiring mind-bending pain medication, being bed-ridden from depression, and never walking again...READ MORE

Arthritis Knee Pain and Total Knee Replacement Surgery | 10/10/2018

Here are some of the uncomfortable facts pertaining to total knee replacement patient expectations...READ MORE

Debonding, Infections, and Metal Hyper-Sensitivity Can Require DePuy Knee Replacement Revision Surgery | 10/1/2018

DePuy knee replacement patients are furious when additional surgeries are required to repair their artificial knees...READ MORE

DePuy Blames Glue For Knee Replacement Device Failures | 9/28/2018

A surgeon's inability to properly cement the DePuy Knee Replacement Device to a patient's tibia could be the reason that so many come loose...READ MORE

Arthritis Sufferers Should Think Twice Before Jumping Into Knee Replacement | 9/27/2018

Surgeons have an incentive to recommend knee replacement surgery to many patients that do not necessarily need it...READ MORE

The Meager Benefits of the DePuy Revision Knee Replacement Device | 9/25/2018

Johnson & Johnson subsidiary DePuy Synthes is not overselling the benefits of their knee replacement devices any longer...READ MORE

Lawsuit Alleged DePuy Failed to Recall the Knee Replacement Device | 9/22/2018

A federal lawsuit claims that DePuy Synthes has known for years that their artificial knee device is defective and the characteristics of the revision device recently launched proves just that...READ MORE

Alternatives to Knee Replacement Surgery for Senior Citizens | 9/19/2018

Knee replacement surgery may seem like a quick fix according to doctors who make their living performing the procedure...READ MORE

Blood Test Results May Be An Early Warning That An Artificial Knee Is About To Fail | 9/17/2018

Metal, plastic, ceramic and titanium shavings from knee replacement wear and tear make their way into the bloodstream and can cause complications...READ MORE

The New DePuy Revision Knee Replacement System | 9/13/2018

DePuy has totally redesigned the Knee Replacement System to address the shortcoming of its original device...READ MORE

Doctors May Be Overselling The Benefits of Knee Replacement Surgery | 9/10/2018

Orthopedic surgeons make a lot of money implanting artificial knees while studies indicate the results fail to live up to most patient's expectations...READ MORE

Total Knee Replacement Questions and Answers | 8/31/2018

The high failure rate of the DePuy Knee replacement device has prompted new patients to ask more questions...READ MORE

Medical Device Studies Are Looking More Like Infomercials | 8/27/2018

Trusting and unsuspecting senior citizens can be the victims of misleading medical device advertising...READ MORE

Metal Hypersensitivity Can Cause DePuy Knee Failure | 8/24/2018

Seniors contemplating having a DePuy Knee replacement should be pre-screened for metal allergies and sensitivity...READ MORE

DePuy Knee Replacement System is sold primarily to senior citizens in spite of the product's age warning | 8/17/2018

The Depuy website warns that "age" (assuming older ages) should be a consideration however that is the exact demographic knee replacement devices are marketed into ...READ MORE

Tibial Fractures and Loosening Cause DePuy Knee Failure | 8/15/2018

No amount of medical device revisions will ever change the physics of the way a human being walks, runs and jumps...READ MORE

Cobalt Poisoning in Knee Replacement Patients | 8/13/2018

Cobalt poisoning joins tibial base loosening as reasons DePuy knee fails...READ MORE

Report DePuy Knee Replacement Malfunctions Using The FDA's MAUDE System | 8/8/2018

Patients suffering from the adverse effects of a malfunctioning DePuy knee replacement device are encouraged to report their experiences in detail to the FDA...READ MORE

A Physically Active Generation Demands More Knee Replacement Surgeries | 8/6/2018

The DePuy knee replacement device tried unsuccessfully to meet the needs of an aging, yet more physically active, American population...READ MORE

Senior Citizens Will Require More From The DePuy Knee Replacement Device Than Merely Playing With The Grandkids | 8/2/2018

In the decade to come, senior citizens will be required to be in shape and physically fit well into their 80's...READ MORE

Setting the DePuy Revision Knee Terminology Straight | 7/30/2018

DePuy addresses the malfunctioning DePuy Knee Replacement device by redesigning it and attempting to correct the fit...READ MORE

Senior Citizens Are Urged To Put Off DePuy Knee Surgery Unless Absolutely Necessary | 7/26/2018

Orthopedic surgeons make radical knee replacement surgery seem as routine as changing the oil on your car, not the dangerous, life-altering surgical procedure it actually is...READ MORE

The Journal of Knee Surgery Explains DePuy Knee Debonding | 7/24/2018

DePuy knee replacement complaints caught the attention of the writers at The Journal of Knee Surgery...READ MORE

Tibial Baseplate Debonding Complicates Knee Replacement Recovery | 7/21/2018

Senior citizens find it very difficult to fully recover from total knee replacement surgery and are often in more pain than their original condition. Tibial baseplate debonding complicates the matter...READ MORE

High Number of Database Complaints about DePuy Knee Replacement System | 7/19/2018

DePuy knee fails four to one according to the official FDA database of medical device complaints...READ MORE

Seniors requiring revision surgery also need to take a second, painful, lengthy rehabilitation period into account | 7/16/2018

Seniors requiring revision surgery also need to take a second, painful, lengthy rehabilitation period into account...READ MORE

Old Sports Injuries Degenerate Later in Life | 7/12/2018

Old sports injuries can degenerate into osteoarthritis later in life and require total knee replacement surgery...READ MORE

Knee Replacement Recovery For Senior Citizens | 7/9/2018

A lack of physical conditioning and being overweight can hurt a senior's chances of leading a normal life post knee replacement surgery...READ MORE

DePuy Synthes Redesigned Knee Replacement | 7/6/2018

A high failure rate has prompted DePuy Synthes to redesign the Knee Replacement Device and correct the device's debonding and subsequent bone loss...READ MORE

DePuy Knee Replacement Device Debonding | 6/30/2018

Senior citizens are suffering from the faulty DePuy Knee Replacement Device coming loose at the point it connects to the lower leg...READ MORE

Senior Citizens Experience Knee Replacement Complications | 6/26/2018

The DePuy Knee eliminates knee osteoarthritis but often causes more pain and suffering than the original condition...READ MORE

The Revised DePuy Knee System Addresses Malfunctions in the Original Device | 6/21/2018

Why would DePuy Syntheses have to redesign their knee replacement device if the original worked as advertised in the first place?...READ MORE

DePuy Tibial Baseplate Malfunction | 6/18/2018

The tibial baseplate of the DePuy artificial knee is defective, malfunctions and can cause severe injury...READ MORE

DePuy Knee Patients May Require Many Years of Physical Rehabilitation | 6/12/2018

Patients requiring a revision surgery to replace the faulty DePuy Knee Replacement System require a second, painful, lengthy rehabilitation period...READ MORE

The Malfunctioning DePuy Knee System Was Untested | 6/7/2018

The DePuy Knee skipped the FDA's usual product testing and went straight to market...READ MORE

Senior Citizens Should Think Twice Before Having Knee Replacement Surgery | 6/4/2018

The elderly are getting more knee replacements than ever yet may not be physically equipped to handle the recovery they must endure...READ MORE

The DePuy Knee Replacement System Can Fail Prematurely | 5/31/2018

The DePuy knee suffers from many problems at the point where the device comes in direct contact with the tibia...READ MORE

Doctors Perform Knee Surgery on Senior Citizens | 5/29/2018

How many senior citizens are having unnecessary total knee replacement surgery...READ MORE

Osteoarthritis is a Common Cause of Knee Replacement | 5/24/2018

Most knee replacement patients are senior citizens with Osteoarthritis...READ MORE

The DePuy Revision Knee Replacement Device is an Admission the Original Was Faulty | 5/21/2018

DePuy has brought a new and improved artificial knee system to market to replace and repair the unacceptably high incidences of failure of their original device...READ MORE

The DePuy Knee Revision Device | 5/15/2018

So many DePuy Knee Replacement devices have failed prematurely and required revision surgery that the company has been forced to bring a knee revision device to market...READ MORE

Physical Therapy After a Knee Replacement | 5/11/2018

The DePuy Knee Replacement System often fails before a patient can complete routine physical therapy...READ MORE

The Unacceptably High Failure Rate of DePuy Knee Replacement Device | 5/7/2018

DePuy Synthes has brought a new DePuy Knee Revision System to market to address some of the shortcomings of the original device...READ MORE

Senior Citizens Get Most DePuy Knee Replacements | 5/4/2018

Why so many senior citizens need total knee replacement surgery...READ MORE

FDA Recalls of DePuy Knee Replacement System | 4/27/2018

Depuy has been hit with several recalls of its knee replacement system...READ MORE

DePuy Knee Replacement Systems and Tibial Loosening | 4/23/2018

Pain and immobility due to tibial loosening is the leading reason patients elect to undergo a second, revision surgery...READ MORE

The Realities of Knee Replacement Surgery | 4/20/2018

Ten percent of patients have severe complications with their DePuy knee replacement and find it difficult to accept...READ MORE

DePuy Knee Replacement Fails to Live Up To Expectations | 4/16/2018

The DePuy knee replacement device if failing to live up to the expectation put upon it by younger, more active recipients...READ MORE

The FDA Recalls Depuy's LPS Diaphyseal Sleeve | 4/13/2018

The Food and Drug Administration decision to force DePuy Synthes to recall the LPS Diaphyseal Sleeve may illustrate Johnson & Johnson's most serious medical device failure to date...READ MORE

DePuy Knee Replacement Complications | 4/9/2018

Knee replacement surgery comes with a host of painful side effect. Some are potentially life-threatening...READ MORE

Knee Replacement Surgery Can Be More Painful Than You Think | 4/6/2018

Many recipients of the DePuy knee replacement system suffer excruciating pain from day one...READ MORE

DePuy Knee Replacement for Senior Citizens | 4/2/2018

Knee replacement surgery can be the wrong treatment for senior citizens...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson's History of Product Recalls | 3/23/2018

The DePuy knee replacement product failure is only one in a list of JNJ's product failures...READ MORE

DePuy Knee Replacement Lockups and Infections | 3/19/2018

Thousands of DePuy knee replacement recipients are reporting life-threatening complications after having their knee replaced...READ MORE

Knee Replace Can Cause Detrimental Life Changes | 3/12/2018

The DePuy artificial knee can fail prematurely, adversely affecting a person's lifestyle, family and career...READ MORE

Symptoms to Look For That Indicate a Failing DePuy Artificial Knee | 3/5/2018

Pain and immobility can mean that there is a problem with the DePuy Knee Replacement System...READ MORE

Doctors Perform Unnecessary Knee Replacement Surgeries | 3/1/2018

Trusting senior citizens are becoming the patient of choice when doctors recommend knee replacement surgery...READ MORE

Candidates for Knee Replacement | 12/29/2017

More and more people are having knee replacement surgery...READ MORE

Knee Replacement Device Failures | 12/22/2017

Nearly 10% of the people who have undergone knee replacement using the DePuy knee replacement device have reported experiencing problems of one sort or another...READ MORE

Knee Replacement Failure Can Be Life Changing | 12/18/2017

Complications from knee replacement revision surgery may be difficult to accept...READ MORE

Depuy Knee Replacement Side Effects | 12/15/2017

Patients are reporting serious complications resulting from the Depuy knee replacement system...READ MORE

Johnson and Johnson Past Product Failures | 12/11/2017

Johnson and Johnson has a history of medical device and product failures...READ MORE

People Describe Their Knee Replacement Ordeals | 12/8/2017

Patients have taken to social media to elaborate their displeasure with the DePuy knee replacement device...READ MORE

The Market For Knee Replacement Devices | 12/4/2017

More and more people are looking to knee replacement surgery to cure their knee joint pain...READ MORE

Arthritis and Knee Replacements | 12/1/2017

Arthritis is a Common Cause of Knee Pain Requiring Knee Replacement Surgery...READ MORE

What Are The Signs Of Knee Replacement Failure | 9/29/2017

Knee replacement failures are accompanied by unmistakable symptoms...READ MORE

DePuy Knee Replacement Lawyer Handling Claims in All Fifty States | 9/22/2017

The Onder Law Firm has a successful track record as one of America's most successful product liability, personal injury and wrongful death law firms...READ MORE

DePuy Synthes Targets Senior Citizens for Knee Replacement | 9/15/2017

Do potential profits in the knee replacement business create an environment in which medical ethics could easily be compromised?...READ MORE

Knee Replacement Patients Need To Know What Is Wrong With Their Implanted Device | 9/7/2017

These are a few of the problems affecting approximately 10% of the millions of knee replacement devices manufactured by DePuy...READ MORE

DePuy Knee Replacements Fail to Solve Knee Pain | 9/1/2017

Medical device companies seek to capitalize on the pain and suffering of patients regardless of the patient's best interests...READ MORE

Johnson & Johnson's History of Knee Replacement Recalls | 7/31/2017

Johnson & Johnson knee replacement systems have had numerous problems that have resulted in the recall of the product...READ MORE

Do I Need a DePuy Knee Replacement Lawyer? | 7/24/2017

If you have been the victim of the faulty Depuy knee replacement system seek immediate legal representation...READ MORE

The Global Market For Knee Replacement | 7/17/2017

Nothing can stop Johnson & Johnson from capitalizing on the growing demand for knee replacement systems...READ MORE

Product Failures at Johnson & Johnson | 7/10/2017

Johnson & Johnson has a long history of catastrophic product failures...READ MORE

Depuy Knee Replacement Side Effects | 7/3/2017

Patients are reporting serious complications resulting from the Depuy knee replacement system...READ MORE

Over 4 Million Knee Replacements in US Alone | 6/19/2017

Millions of knee replacement surgeries lead to large numbers of revision surgeries and joint replacement recalls...READ MORE

How Joint Replacement Surgeries Have Become More Dangerous | 6/12/2017

Are joint replacement systems keeping pace with other technological advancements?...READ MORE

High Demand for Joint Replacement Systems Lead to Defective Products | 6/5/2017

And aging and increasingly active older population leads to drastic increases in the joint replacement industry...READ MORE

DePuy Knee Replacement System Failures | 6/1/2017

Defective joint replacement systems have devastating consequences, as is the case with the DePuy knee...READ MORE