Symptoms to Look For That Indicate a Failing DePuy Attune Artificial Knee

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Pain and immobility can mean that there is a problem with the DePuy Knee Replacement System

Monday, March 5, 2018 - There are a number of distinctive problems that can occur that indicate the DePuy knee replacement system is no longer working as promised. Tens of thousands of people have undergone DePuy knee replacement surgery expecting all to go as planned and are shocked when they experience the symptoms of artificial knee failure, sometimes with a year of the original implant. Patients may choose to get a second opinion from an orthopedic surgery to try and determine the exact cause of the pain that they are experiencing.

If one chooses to have their artificial knee repaired with revision surgery, they will again have to undergo an extended rehabilitation period and a disruption of their job, career or occupation. Many having a second knee replacement never return to work or are forced to settle for a lesser paying job. At the very least, revision surgery will leave a person immobile and with a reduced quality of life. The younger a person is, the more devastating the consequences as their dreams of leading an active life are dashed by their artificial knee failure causing a catastrophic fall or accident at work. Construction workers whose DePuy artificial knee has failed, buckled or locked up may have fallen from an upper floor and been seriously injured or killed.

While most knee replacement surgeries are successful, around 10% fail and are wobbly, lock-up or cause internal infections. Percentages can be misleading however when you consider that since the year 2001 over 5 million people have had their knee replaced. A 10% failure rate means that approximately 500,000 people have been adversely affected by knee replacement failures.

Those who have been experiencing pain due to their DePuy knee replacement failure should immediately see a doctor. Pain at or around the artificial knee joint is a sign to look for that could indicate that a serious, potentially life-threatening condition may have developed. Pain is normal but should gradually subside over a 3-6 month period after the initial surgery and normal physical rehabilitation. Most DePuy knee replacement failures are accompanied by pain, sometimes even more pain than prior to the initial surgery. In addition to pain, there is usually swelling and fluid build-up around the knee which causes the limited ability to bend the knee without extreme pain. Infections can also occur at the point where the artificial materials meet the upper and lower leg bones to which it is attached. The skin at the point of infection is often warmer to the touch than other parts of the leg.

Even if the pain is not severe immediate pain there are signs to look for that could indicate that you are at risk of having a catastrophic falling accident. Such indications that the DePuy artificial knee is failing are instability or wobbliness when walking or going up and down stairs. Also, the DePuy knee can "lock-up" and cause a dangerous fall. Due to the high volume of knee replacement failures, DePuy Knee Lawyers handling injury cases caused by knee replacement device failure are ready to help.

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