The DePuy Revision Knee Replacement Device is an Admission the Original Was Faulty

DePuy Knee Lawsuit News

DePuy has brought a new and improved artificial knee system to market to replace and repair the unacceptably high incidences of failure of their original device

Monday, May 21, 2018 - Since 2010, millions of Americans, senior citizens in particular, have chosen to have their arthritic knees replaced with the DePuy Attune Knee Replacement System. The DePuy knee system was hailed as a revolutionary breakthrough medical device to help elderly individuals suffering from chronic, degenerative osteoarthritis and chronic knee pain. Unfortunately, an unusually high number of knee replacements wound up causing patients more pain than their original arthritic condition. An unacceptably high number of knee replacements have had to be redone. DePuy knee replacement patients require revision surgery and have filed complaints with the US Food and Drug Administration. (FDA).

Of the hundreds of complaints reported to the FDA regarding the malfunctions of the DePuy Attune Knee Replacement Device, none is more serious or more frequently reported than the fracture and loosening of the tibial baseplate. The tibial baseplate is the metal component of the DePuy artificial knee that is cemented to the shinbone (tibia). According to "Design errors of the baseplate and insert assembly were shown to be the cause for the damage to the polyethylene of the insert." Scientific analysis also indicated that the tibial baseplate malfunctions occurred under normal everyday usage.

The knee joint is the most heavily overworked joint in the body and is required to carry a person's full weight with every step. When the tibial baseplate fails, the bond between the tibia and the artificial knee loosens causing chafing of the bone, gradual bone loss, and extreme pain. The only way to correct the problem is for the patient to undergo revision surgery to replace and refit a new artificial knee joint. Such a procedure is both painful and expensive and requires yet another lengthy period of rehabilitation.

Because of the unusually high rate of failure of the tibial baseplate requiring revision surgery DePuy has brought to market an entirely new knee that addresses the technical reasons for the original knee's malfunctions. The new Attune Revision Knee System addresses the bonding element used in the original and also the bone loss that the first knee usually causes. The new Attune knee can be adjusted to compensate for the bone loss caused by the original device.

Patients that have suffered from having to have a revision surgery to replace and repair their artificial DePuy knee, have hired DePuy knee replacement lawyers and have filed claims against the company for bringing a faulty product to market without adequately testing it first. If you have had a DePuy knee replacement and are suffering from pain, swelling, infection, redness, or a feeling of joint looseness or immobility, you may qualify to file a claim as well. Knee replacement lawsuits currently underway are focusing on DePuy bringing to market a "new and improved" knee revision system as a classic admission by the company that the original Depuy Attune Knee Replacement Device was a failure.

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