Senior Citizens Experience Knee Replacement Complications

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The DePuy Knee eliminates knee osteoarthritis but often causes more pain and suffering than the original condition

Tuesday, June 26, 2018 - Thousands of senior citizens suffering from osteoarthritis undergo total knee replacement surgery every year in the United States using the DePuy Attune knee replacement system. Knee replacement surgery is done under general anesthesia which in and of itself presents health risks. Knee replacement patients can expect a period of recovery followed by a lengthy and painful period of rehabilitation. Osteoporosis is a debilitating and chronic condition will never improve. Seniors are usually thrilled that their knee replacement has at least helped to reduce the pain. Patients were told that the DePuy Knee replacement system would last up to 20 years when in fact an unacceptable number of DePuy knees fail within a year or two and the pain is far worse than their original osteoarthritis. Around 5% or 25,000 out of the roughly 500,000 knee replacements performed have failed.

There are a number of things that can go wrong with the DePuy Attune Knee Replacement System. By far the most common adverse event report is the loosening of the device and failure to adhere to the shin bone. The tibial baseplate has been found to twist around the shin bone when the cement used to hold the device fails, allowing the lower leg and foot to rotate left to right. Such instability can cause a patient to trip or fall when walking or going up or downstairs. Cement failure also causes the knee replacement sleeve to grind against the shin bone causing painful bone loss and complicating revision surgery as a longer knee replacement system is required. DePuy knee cement failure can also cause serious infection requiring a hospital stay and medications.

Those unfortunate enough to experience DePuy knee replacement failure must undergo a second surgery. The revision surgery is once again performed under general anesthesia and if all goes well, a second long period of painful recovery and rehabilitation is required. So many DePuy knees have failed that the company has completely redesigned the product to address the thousands of adverse event reports filed with the US government complaining that their knee has come loose at the point where it attaches to the shin bone (tibia). DePuy Synthes has brought to market the DePuy "Revision" Knee Replacement System, in an attempt to correct the faulty original DePuy Attune Knee. Attorneys for patients suing DePuy Synthes are asking why the company would have to completely redesign the knee system if the original worked as intended in the first place.

If you are suffering more pain after having had knee replacement surgery using the faulty DePuy knee replacement device, you may wish to consult a DePuy Knee replacement attorney, as thousands of DePuy Attune knee replacement patients have done, to determine if you qualify to file a claim against the company for bringing a faulty medical device to market. Plaintiffs are suing DePuy Synthes and its parent company Johnson & Johnson for reimbursement of medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and all other related expenses.

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